enough for a few cartons

It not nailed down, and underneath there a small space with room enough for a few cartons of smokes. It qualifies as a trap, but it not very impressive. Some of the traps the team discovers are outfitted with hinges or sliding drawers, elaborate camouflage.

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Don’t try to save money on this one; those generic tablets aren’t worth the money, even if they’re just $30. Don’t be cheap, she’d love an iPad Pro because, well, it’s an iPad!The 12″ iPad may be too large for occasional use, but the 9.7″ is the perfect size for reading in bed or in the car. It was released earlier this year and I believe it’s the best tech gadget of 2016.

Then the unraveling started 18 months ago. The price of a barrel of crude fell from over $114 in June 2014 to $49 in January 2015. In a brief reprieve, prices then went back over $65, but in May, the declines resumed and the slide has accelerated since the start of 2016.