Turkey of all places

The best public transport service I ever had the pleasure of using was in Turkey of all places. They have little mini vans running the same routes from A to B and back to A again all day long, you paid the same fair to travel one stop or to the end of the line. Efficient and cheap.

The parade of maskers was an interesting part of this event. The Times described it thusly: “Bright and early Monday morning, people began to arrive in town, coming in wagons, carriages, horseback, on foot and by trains to witness and participate in the celebration of the Fourth of July. By 10 o’clock the business street of town was lined by a large concourse of people dressed in their Sunday best and intent on enjoying the day, for all there was in it.

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Going out for breakfast with a mixed bag of dietary needs? Make a beeline for Modern Times Cafe in Powderhorn. This grungy but great breakfast and lunch spot accommodates the needs of carnivores, omnivores, locavores, and the gluten averse with a whole host of delicious dishes like the Mexican migas with textured vegetable protein chorizo and poblano sour cream; an earthy hash of roasted beets, goat cheese, eggs, and bacon called the Beet Up; and a couple of hearty, savory fried brown rice bowls loaded with veggies, eggs, herbs, and all kinds of satisfying textures. Lest you think this is only a place for the virtuous to dine, there is the Croque John Paul, essentially a Frankenstein’s monster of eggs Benedict and a Croque Monsieur sandwich.