As with many books of non fiction

As with many books of non fiction, however, this one sits half finished on my night table. Rubin’s fine work has been usurped by Max I. Dimont’s 1962 book Jews, God and History, which sat on a shelf at my parents’ house after its original owner, my Auntie Erna, passed away.

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Bus fare is 75 cents for seniors. IndeBus offers ADA complimentary paratransit. Also offered is a curb to curb service in town for any person age 60 and older. Our nation remains the global beacon of freedom and liberty. In 1886 when the Statue of Liberty was dedicated, immigrants were already migrating from many countries. The statue’s inscription clearly welcomes the poor, the homeless, the masses of all nations yearning to be free.

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The question isn’t so much if Donald Trump can win the election as whether or not he’ll still be the GOP candidate come November. Nobody can predict what mad trajectory the Republican nominee’s campaign might take. But given Trump’s erratic, politically self destructive behavior, it’s reasonable to suspect he might get forced out or quit in a huff rather than face the ultimate indignity of losing to a girl.