Activists hold signs containing the

Activists hold signs containing the image of Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli in front the building that houses Turing’s offices. Turing Pharmaceuticals sparked an angry backlash last month after it raised the price of Daraprim. (AP Photo/Craig)(RNN) As a part of its effort to make generic drug prices more affordable, a San Diego pharmaceutical company has introduced a significantly cheaper alternative to Daraprim, a cancer and AIDS treating drug which garnered national outrage after Turing Pharmaceuticals raised its price 5,000 percent.Moreover, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals alternative compound which costs less than $1 a capsule compared to Daraprim $750 has further raised the profile of their competitor CEO, Martin Shkreli, who was dubbed possibly most hated man in America after the price hike.Shkreli notoriety elevated after CNN Democratic presidential debate when the candidates criticized the practice of raising drug prices as an example of corporate greed and price gouging.Imprimis is using compounding to the high prices of sole source legacy generic drugs, according to CEO Mark L.

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